What Makes A Building A GoldBuild® Building?

American Buildings Company has always offered the best materials in the most resourceful way to maximize efficiency and cost-savings.  With our industry facing some of its most significant code changes in the past 10 years, our forward thinking and commitment to innovation will be more important than ever.  Instead of reacting to the coming changes, we are meeting them head on by making a dramatic shift in our product offering and developing our new, optional GoldBuild® building systems.

ABC will still offer standard building systems, but GoldBuild® will be your easiest, most turnkey option for a complete energy-efficient building package, including ABC products for panels, insulation, windows and doors.  In addition to our standard ABC building products, we will now offer only wall and roof panels coated with SmartKote® paints.

With these panels and all future GoldBuild® products, ABC is building tomorrow.

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