What This Means To You.

Developed by PPG Industries for American Buildings Company, our SmartKote® panels are by far the best paint system available in the world today. Nothing works better or lasts longer. The energy-cost savings, architectural appeal, variety of profiles, textures and colors, flexibility and long-term durability make SmartKote® panels a popular choice for architects and building owners.

SmartKote® coatings are manufactured by PPG Industries


Builders / Contractors

Now let’s take a look at the science behind SmartKote® and see how this technology is revolutionizing the building industry.

The carbon-fluorine chemical bond in PVDF is photochemically stable, meaning it’s resistant to sunlight and ultraviolet rays.  It’s inert against acids, bases and chemical attack.

During the coil coating curing process, the PVDF powder melts and “fuses” to become a continuous high-density network, with very high tensile strength and flexibility.

But will these panels stand the test of time?  Prolonged exposure at an independent test-fence facility in Southern Florida clearly demonstrates the superior weatherability of PVDF resin-based coatings over other finishes. For testing purposes the top of each panel is hidden from the sun. Comparing the top portion with the rest of the panel shows the amount of fading over 10, 15 and 17 years. Note the lack of fading with the panels coated with PVDF resin-based finishes.

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Building Owners

Why use GoldBuild® building systems on your next building?

  1. Energy efficient
  2. Reflective to the sun ray’s which produces cooler indoor temperatures
  3. Meets Energy Star ® requirements
  4. Makes your building more attractive
  5. Generates lower environmental temperatures to help reduce smog
  6. 100% recyclable
  7. Compliments other building products, like stucco or concrete
  8. Maintains gloss and color
  9. SmartKote® panels come in exceptional colors that stay true for years to come


This revolutionary coating system consists of PVDF resin, acrylic resin and pigments, which give the product its incredible color, durability (fade resistance), and energy efficient “coolness”. PVDF resin chemistry is the most durable, long-lasting system on the market. It is transparent to ultraviolet light that breaks down other coating systems. Whereas non-cool materials absorb the sun’s rays and generate heat, ‘cool’ resins reflect them, keeping the paint coating itself cooler. This technology not only maximizes the life of your panels, it can ultimately lead to lower cooling costs.


Color without Confusion

Beautiful colors and color combinations increase the resale value of a building and create a sense of pride for the building’s owners. By contrast, poor color choices may diminish a building’s value and curb appeal. For precisely these reasons, ABC, with the help of PPG Industries and Pat Verlodt, a leading color consultant for non-residential buildings, has created a proprietary color combinations program that takes the guesswork out of choosing colors, and helps you create combinations for virtually any project that enhance a design and complement the surroundings.

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Cool isn’t just a meaningless marketing term. It’s a technology that will literally revolutionize the building industry. Combating urban heat islands and high-energy consumption will require innovative products that meet or exceed even the most stringent industry requirements.  Our cool SmartKote® paint system is that type of product.

In order to be considered cool, products must have a solar reflectance of at least 25%. Solar reflectance is the measure of a panel’s ability to not absorb certain wavelengths of the sun. Another important factor is thermal emittance, the measure of a panel’s ability to release heat that it has absorbed. Put these two factors together and you get the solar reflective index, the measure of a panel’s ability to reject solar heat. Cool metal roofs coated with the PVDF-based resin in SmartKote® can achieve solar reflectance of over 25% and can reduce energy consumption by up to 40% as part of a total system design (as reported by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory).  Adding SmartKote® wall panels can increase reflectance and reduce consumption even further.

But cool technology is only one benefit of our SmartKote® panels. Durability is another. PVDF based coatings technology is the most durable, UV resistant, chemically and environmentally resistant system available in the coatings marketplace, for use in commercial and industrial building products. The carbon-fluorine chemical bond in PVDF is photochemically stable (resistant to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays) and inert against acids, bases and chemical attack.



During the coil coating curing process, the PVDF powder melts and “fuses” to become a continuous high-density network, with very high tensile strength and flexibility. Additionally, during the curing process, the PVDF also “alloys” with the acrylic polymer matrix. This alloy can be termed an interpenetrating polymer network.

Such superior performance and the wide range of color choices are the reasons PVDF resin-based metal coatings provide billions of square feet of protection against weathering, aging and pollution on commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings around the globe. The Louvre Museum, world-famous theme parks and casinos in Las Vegas count on PVDF when long-lasting color plays an important part in their visitors’ experiences.

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