Case Study

Two schools. Exact same size. Exact same design. Both were constructed exactly the same way and have exactly the same HVAC equipment, with their thermostats controlled at the exact same place. So how was one school able to save $10,000 on their annual cooling costs?

The difference lies in the cool coatings of their roof systems.

Baggett Elementary School and Poole Elementary School in Dallas, Georgia were identical right down to their Forest Green LOC SEAM metal roof panels.  The only difference lies in the cool coatings of their roof systems.  Baggett Elementary School used traditional PVDF coated roof panels with a total solar reflectance or TSR value of 12 percent. 

Poole Elementary School used infrared-resistant PVDF cool pigment panels with a TSR value of 29 percent.


The Results

Poole Elementary School’s annual cooling cost net savings is over $10,000 because of an added TSR of 17 percent, which equates to a projected savings of more than $350,000 during the school’s 35-year expected life cycle. These savings were confirmed in a thorough study by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory presented to the DOE/IRS in Washington, D.C. In addition, the added TSR did not jeopardize the school’s ability to meet district appearance requirements. These savings represent the beauty of ABC’s innovative thinking: better value in the short term and substantially improved efficiency in the long term.

During the coil coating curing process, the PVDF powder melts and “fuses” to become a continuous high-density network, with very high tensile strength and flexibility. Additionally, during the curing process, the PVDF also “alloys” with the acrylic polymer matrix. This alloy can be termed an interpenetrating polymer network.

Such superior performance and the wide range of color choices are the reasons PVDF resin-based metal coatings provide billions of square feet of protection against weathering, aging and pollution on commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings around the globe. The Louvre Museum, world-famous theme parks and casinos in Las Vegas count on PVDF when long-lasting color plays an important part in their visitors’ experiences.